Why I Love This

Why I Love This

Why I Love this? You go through  your days, living your lives and working and earning, growing and connecting and making memories and what not. There are a few things in everyone’s lives which stand out above the rest. One of these things for me is my passion regarding cars – being an automotive enthusiast. Pretty standard passion for a guy in his 30’s. But, it’s everlasting, worldwide and shared by billions. It’s a real passion that connects me to other people ALL OVER THE WORLD. I’ll share a story:

I own a 1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6. Those who know me, know that this car is my pride and passion. Sure, it’s not perfect. Yup, it’s not exactly where I “want it to be”. But, it’s a work in progress and I have found that many, many people share that appreciation for something progressive and everlasting. Always something going on, something different, something new and sometimes something unoriginal because that’s how you learn and adapt to trends and this “car culture”.

I happened to wash my car the day before yesterday and needed to stop off at the local grocery before I went back home. On my return to where I parked the car, a couple, maybe in their 40’s asked me “what model is this car?”. I told them “it’s a GTI”. Maybe 10 minutes passed on as the couple and I spoke strictly about how much these cars have evolved, the community and it’s culture. Being able to experience being randomly approached by fellow (albeit retired) enthusiasts is – why I love this.

What makes you love this?

why i love this


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