When it rains…

It pours.

FUCK THE WORLD. That’s how I feel right now. Last night (1:30AM) my garage door broke, took me 2 hours to get it worse. My breakfast was the wrong order this morning, Starbucks tried to rob me of loose change, I’ve effectively over drafted my bank account twice in the past couple of days and they have the nerve to charge a fee when my current account setup “avoids” that. Someone is attempting to fraud my best friend and I’s business. A co-worker at work is a word or two away from a knuckle sandwich if he knows what’s good for him. Bunch of bullshit! On top of that, today I was supposed to take my parents out for their anniversary and now that the entire garage is exposed to my ghetto ass world of a shithole neighborhood, I can’t. My garage is an extreme cluster fuck and I need to remove everything before someone can come to “work on” this hell hole. Shit, they won’t even come out unless they can hit you with a “service fee”. Fuck you. Everyone’s a crook.


  1. KP

    Breathe – when it rains, it definitely does pour. But after it’s done pouring, everything is clean and fresh and the sun comes out and you’ll look around and realize that everything worked out okay.

    You’ll also know how to deal/prepare for this better next time. Just a learning curve. But as I always say, you got this!

  2. Harris

    You’ll be straight duder, we have H2Oi in a couple of weeks which means hoards of tomfoolery and guaranteed fun. Mind clutter is better then an empty mind…

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