Week 6

So here begins the last week of this diet!

I can’t believe it’s here already. Seems like just yesterday I started this. I say this because I feel that I still don’t have this routine down packed. Granted, 6 weeks is a small sample for what is a rather drastic change in eating, diet and workout. Although, it is definitely 100% doable with a bit more dedication and conscious effort to the entire method.

This past week has been bad all around. I ate far less calories than normal and when I did eat on our “cheat” day, I ate retarded amounts of Indian food in one sitting and felt like absolute shit afterward. Yesterday, which started Week 6 was full of craptastic food:

Breakfast was skipped, Lunch was Turkey & Swiss on a roll, Pizza & Mozzarella sticks for a snack maybe an hour later, and then we ended the night off with 5 different Sushi rolls all containing Salmon, Tuna and Avocado. Didn’t feel too great after all of that either.

Point is, I’ve realized how easy it is to slip up. I’ve gotten better, no doubt, but still need more improvement in both diet and workout. The last week contained no workouts except for some morning workouts that I barely recall.

I’m going to take this week to redeem myself and try not to skip a beat. Having an extremely tight schedule around work, personal projects and everything else in between becomes challenging, but I’ll get through it. 1 week from today I’ll weigh myself and gauge the results based on our recorded spread sheet reflecting our daily food intake/workout routines.


  1. KP

    You know what I love about this? We didn’t see the changes/results to the extent we wanted to, but I think we both felt something change within ourselves. I know the past 6 weeks weren’t ideal and we had a lot of slips/misses and a bit of confusion. But we can almost say “we did it” – it may not be correct, and we may have fucked up a bit, but we didn’t give up and I think that speaks volumes.

    On another note — I can’t wait to do it again, with more dedication, better resources, and more control. I know we’ll get there. I know you know that too.

  2. Harris

    Yo yo. It all comes with time homie. Soon it becomes clockwork because it becomes a priority in your daily routine, like waking up or going to sleep, or turning on your PC. I myself try to hit the gym 4-5 times a week, whether 5:30am or after work. Granted I’m not building a car, so I know time can be hectic, but if possible do a workout in the morning for say an hour, work, come home, take a power nap (if you can) and then crank out the car work. When I used to have car work to do, that’s what I’d normally do. Another key is also trying to get to bed @ a decent time, that’s a life saver. It’s almost trained me to not go massively hard on Friday nights and over the weekend, knowing I want to get up and crank out a workout the next day. I still drink/party and have my mishaps, but having a balls deep mindset that the gym is a regular staple in your day definately makes it easier to prioritize

    GL fam

  3. Author

    Thanks y’all. I’m not so “let down” by the experience bc I realize it will take some time to really solidify my routine. I got to really sample “what works for me”. And even that has ample room for improvement that I can certainly foresee in the coming months. Time & prioritization are my 2 quarrels most commonly fought. Harris, Thanks for the tips and talk on the mindset – that’s what it’s all about. It’s hard to dedicate yourself to one thing though when there are a million things to keep your mind on so I don’t lose sight of the end goal. See ya at broke.down! 🙂

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