Week 5

So last week was a very difficult week to get through and it really put this diet/routine to the test. 🙁 I regretfully say that I mostly failed when it came to the diet portion. But didn’t lose out too bad when it came to the workout routine.

So why did it happen? It happened because we met up with friends in the middle of the week for drinks and it was just hard to say no or avoid. We had Mexican food and while Corn Tortillas were used and I didn’t finish all my food, the 2 tequila shots and 2 margaritas and prior Peroni beer definitely put it over the top. Additionally, there was a BBQ we were attending this week that I originally thought was on Saturday – our “pig out” day. Turns out it was Sunday instead. So, we tried to limit what we ate (1 burger and more water instead of Sodas) But we missed having 30g of Protein within 1 hour of waking up and didn’t even eat breakfast at a proper time. We scarfed down a muffin and nutter butter cookies and a watermelon slice prior to the burger.

I think due in part to ill timing, a lot of routine was missed and that’s really my own fault and I can accept it. I have to learn from it and realize that reoccurring fails like this can definitely yield bad results.

How do I feel? I feel alright. A bit tired, not too bloated or heavy, but a tiny bit sluggish. I missed my Evening workout yesterday and missed my morning workout today. I ate dinner last night about an hour late and missed the final snack. Routines are pretty hard to maintain and I just need to try harder.


  1. Harris

    Ayoooo! you’ll be fine dude, if you’re strapped for time in the morning, take a couple of fruits (strawberries, blueberries, bananas etc) a scoop of protein, a splash of oatmeal and some peanutbutter, toss all that mess in a blender and make yourself a smoothie. Cheap, easy and all your nutrients in 1 drink while en route to work. Also, if you have time do 3 sets of 10-15 pushups or some form of workout in the morning for 30min (60sec break in between). Helps with the grogginess of waking up and you’ll probably feel a bit less sh!tty while en route to work. Keep the progress posted man, weight loss ain’t easy, but when gains are seen it’s the t!ts

    1. Author

      Thanks for the tips man!
      My normal routine involves 30 jumping jacks, 2 sets of 10 pushups and 3 set of x10 dumbell curls @ 15lbs
      It gives me enough “boost” for the morning, but it’s 1/2 wise if I miss my normal 1.5 scoops of muscle milk shake.
      Props for giving me alternatives!

  2. KP

    I think part of the weekend routine fail was just pure exhaustion (and someone being sick, my b). Routine part is definitely a bit difficult with all the things you have going on. I feel like as long as you keep eating healthier options the timing won’t be too much of a “bad” impact on the overall progress. (but that’s a change you can implement after 6 weeks). Also the work outs – maybe scatter them some how. Maybe drop and do 10 pushups before you go to lunch? Just some ideas.

    Very possible to get creative with it.

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