Week 4

So, this one is coming a bit late but it’s here, regardless.

I’m on the 4th week of this “diet/routine” and I can say that it’s results are slow to progress but physically I feel a bit more firm, stronger and somewhat lean. I still have this ugly gut but it has definitely gotten significantly smaller.

By the beginning of last week, I weighed myself and lost 4lbs! That was really surprising to me as I thought no weight had been lost at all. Workouts are something I really need to get a better hold on. It feels great to sweat and I’m beginning to understand what works for me. Combining Kettle Ball workouts with 10lb Medicine ball core workouts feels great and makes me literally, pour sweat.

Eating this past week has been pretty good from what I recall. I have slipped early on in the week because I met up with a buddy and put down 3 coors lights. Not too high in carbs or calories, but still, it’s sort’ve a fail. I don’t even like Coors light! šŸ™

I personally feel that I need to work on one thing: Consistency.

Consistent workouts, consistent meals, consistent sleepĀ  times, etc. It’s hardĀ  to build a routine and even harder to maintain one. But the end results will allow you to reap the rewards and that’s what you need to keep in mind.

I’m honestly not one of these guys looking to have muscles bulging out of my fucking neck. But I want to be lean, cut and just generally good looking.


  1. KP

    Things will only get better from here. You have a lot going on and you some how manged to fit this into your schedule. Somethings weren’t hard to trade up for after some planning but I think with some time and consistency, you’ll have it down in no time.

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