Week 3

So yesterday began Week 3 of the diet routine and workout I picked up recently. Today is Monday and I feel pretty good. I feel fit in my form and a Polo shirt I used to wear that fit me tight, now fits me snug. My belt buckle clipped at the last hole but I could rotate it loosely. On my “binge day”, we ate a local Sweet 16/backyard party and consumed a few beers and mixed drinks in the process. Shortly afterward, we craved Uno’s so we shot over there to get some munchies. For once, I could NOT finish my 2nd glass of Harpoon IPA!

Week 2, was in my opinion, not a 100% success. Aside from the Monday, almost every day I missed an evening workout. I didn’t miss a morning workout though. Food intake, was erratic toward the weekend but Caloric intake was 1000 calories less than the week prior – woot! In detail, on one day I missed Dinner because I was out late and generally didn’t feel hungry, on another day I missed both snacks.

A big thing I’ve noticed about this whole ordeal is time management. It’s important to be aware of the time you use to shape and discipline your body. I neglected this greatly in the week prior in the “workout portion” of my routine and even a little bit when it came to nutrition.

I thank a couple of my colleagues for getting me to be more “wary” of what I eat, how much and being keen about exactly what my food is comprised of. Calorie counting is not necessary but I feel that since I’ve never done that before, it made me open my eyes to what it was that I was actually putting into my body and nutrition. (Just to mention, my routine food intake constantly consists of legumes (beans), mushrooms, tofu and oh yeah..more beans. While I can feel myself getting bored/tired of them, I keep reminding myself of how much good they’re doing me. I should elaborate that black beans and pinto beans are “better” than red kidney beans in terms of calories. However, all provide a good dose of protein per 1 cup.)


  1. KP

    Time management is definitely key, and I think you’ll get there. I believe that all the things you want to accomplish in a 24 hr span doesn’t really allow you the time you need to fit in 3 work outs a day and get to bed at a reasonable hour. But once you figure out a balance that works for you, you’ll be unstoppable.

  2. Author

    You’re absolutely right about this. It’s def a bit crazy to try and fit in 3x workouts in one day. But definitely not impossible. I just need to find the physical time and mental space to make it happen. Balance is part of that equation and it will take more than guess work, for me, to make it happen.

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