Week 2

Today, well technically Yesterday started the 2nd week of the diet/workout plan I have adopted and am determined to complete without major fail.

Speaking of fails, during week 1 that happened twice, maybe 3 times. 🙁 Having a Starbucks coffee on Day 2, McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets on Day 4 and a regular bun as part of my grilled chicken sandwich for lunch @ Raceway Park when I went to shoot pics at Water fest 17 this past Sunday.

But, I spoke to a couple of my guy friends about this ordeal and they’re making it a point to not ignore your caloric intake. In fact, be wary of how much you’re taking in. It could be too little, or too much. So I found a calculator, that allowed me to see what the recommended caloric intake is for me based on:

  • my age
  • my weight
  • my height
  • amount of physical activity, daily

The test for here was to enter in my goal weight and work up to the point where I am consuming the recommended daily caloric intake for that weight. That goal is a mere 26lbs away and I hope to reach it through this diet and combine with my workout routine, as well as the workouts and recommended exercises explained by Tim Ferriss.

But besides that, I feel pretty good. I have a bit more energy but it’s short lived because I still don’t have a proper sleep pattern and am still getting to bed a little too late. Arms, chest, calves and stomach feel tighter. Belt around the waist doesn’t snug up or feel constrictive.

Diet wise, I’m trying to stick to high protein, low-carb and low/moderate calorie foods. Staying away from Rice, Pasta, Bread, Nuts, Fruits,(yes Fruits), Juices, etc is hard but definitely doable.

I’ve gotta stick to the plan and try very hard not to stray away from it. It’s easy to get off track and I’m not saying it’s OK for it happening in the 1st week, but I know I’ll get better about it and more solid in my routine.


  1. iluvuqt87

    That’s awesome news that you can feel the changes after a week! The fails do suck but I think week 1 gave you great insight into the unforeseen obstacles you didn’t plan for at the beginning of this challenge. Nothing a little tweaking can’t handle. Week 2 will be better if you schedule/plan out your day and goals for the day. Leaving with a better idea as to when you’ll get to sleep in the evenings. Eating Healthy, Working out, Sleeping well, all occur when you’ve gotta a proper day to day plan. IMO that is.

    Good luck on Week 2

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