Week 1

So if you read my 1st post in Lifestyle, labeled Gluttony: it was about my 6 week plan to lose weight, get fit and find my lost routine again. I’ve officially started today and here are some details:

Tim Ferriss advises “The first three mistakes discussed in the next few pages (eating too late, not eating enough protein, drinking too little water)” are the three most common mistakes made. Preferably in the 1st 1/2 hour within waking, you should have 30g of protein.

So I opted for my Muscle Milk Protein shake, 2 scoops, water, Ice, crush and blend. Prior to that,  I also took up my mini workout I outlined in the last post. When I got to work, I waited an hour or so and picked up Egg whites on whole wheat wrap. Before, during and after I had 2 bottled waters.

Lunch is next and I’m planning on become a frequent customer at a local Healthy Burger and Wrap spot called “Energy Kitchen”. There are a million things on their menu and I’ve started to sample them early last week. My take, so far, on them is that their food seems promising. I expected bland, tasteless and got right sized and flavorful.

I’m in a slight dilemma trying to figure out the “3rd meal” of the day (not counting the shake in the morning) and want to opt for a protein bar that’s low in calories. Will need to visit GNC & pick up a box. Or I could order the Labrada Lean body bars my colleague suggested. I could also take up Protein shakes at the same place I’d be getting lunch, but that will prove pretty expensive after a while.

After that snack, it will be time to go home. So I need to take up 20 mins of a workout consistent of moderate intensity weight lifting and cardio. I’m going to try a couple variations of resistance band workouts (some linked in the parent post) and follow up with a walk.

Dinner will frequently consist of the following every night except on my cheat night:

  • Whole Wheat tortilla wrap
  • black beans, mushrooms
  • red & green pepper 
  • firm Tofu

all sauteed in light olive oil with black pepper, salt and oregano. I’ll bond them onto the wrap’s surface with a sprinkle of jack cheese and call it a wrap! pun intended. 🙂

I stress the “frequent” part because Tim advises that you want to eat the same meals over and over again. He explains the fact of there being 10’s of thousands products available at the grocery store, but only a handful won’t effect your body negatively.


  1. PK

    Thanks dear. Besides the jack cheese in dinner and the swiss with the egg whites, it’s not much…right?

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