Where the fuck has it gone? I mean, just yesterday I was evading the police in my Honda Accord while blazin’ a fatty with this broad who had her own fatty …wait, what? We grew up, that’s what happened… I guess, and I think, way too fast. Oh if only the knowledge I have now, I had back then. 🙂 I often imagine what my life would be like today; the people in it, my family and surroundings, how different would it be?

Life seemed so much easier when you didn’t have a thing to be responsible about. Wake up, get ready, go to school, bullshit through 90% of it, smoke, drink, party and do it all over again for years! Somehow I managed to pass all my classes and through the smoken/drunken haze, I even graduated college! 🙂

But reality set in pretty damn hard at that point and it was nothing short of a bummer. Student loans, insurance, bills, job security, fitness & health, success doubts, family, girlfriend, friends, no friends, losing my driver’s license, etc.

I feel like a lot of people only learn when they go through things the hard way – like me. But, as I grew up, I realized life wasn’t always a big ass party with lots of fine babes, good weed and liquor with a fast car waiting for me outside. Having said that, I made it a point to myself that I wasn’t going to continue taking things for granted and that I’d opt for learning things more easily, but still efficiently. Life just got to a point where I had to set the bullshit aside and wake up, smell the coffee and it’s various flavors and do something about it.

So where am I today? Still in NYC, reaping the benefits of living at my parent’s crappy home, working a pretty steady 9-5 right off of Wall street. I ride the iron horse daily from Monday to Friday, own 2 cars for more or less just hobby/fun/personal uses, partake in a business partnership with my best friend, have lots of friends and on a much better path in life to become successful. I’ve learned A LOT growing up, and the lesson never ends.

“Everything happens for a reason” so, “HUSTLE HARD!”

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