Serenity and Exploration

This past weekend we had the amazing opportunity of checking out the “Top of the World Park”. Words cannot describe this experience but I will try to paint the picture and push the entire feeling of this visit. A good friend of ours took us to the park first where we hiked a couple of trails. Man did I feel out of shape afterwards. But, toward the end of the day I felt phenomenal. Like we conquered something. Just seeing the mountains in the distance while atop a mountain itself is something amazing.

From here we headed to Canyons over in Laguna beach. What’s different about this beach is the way in which you get to it and what you experience. There are roughly 1,000 steps that we need to walk down to get to the beach. Not so bad going down, but man, going up was increasingly difficult. But, we made it. The beach itself was simply amazing. Plus sand, beautiful views, majestic rock formations and the canyons were cooling and calming all at once. We sat looking out to the ocean after climbing some wet rock and the feeling is simply serene. Total relaxation without a care in the world.

Full set here.

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