Rollercoaster Reflections

The year 2016 was many things. For some, it was amazing and for others it was terrible. For those who believe that some people’s lives “just sucked” and somehow theirs are better – get over yourselves. Over the course of the year, everyone has had the opportunity to experience life in different ways. Some of those experiences could have been forced by circumstance while others being influenced by decision.

For myself, my family and close friends, we suffered a few losses. It was hard for all of us and I know that we share the same sentiments with people all over the world. Even in my “happy place” i.e.; the automotive community, we suffered a number of losses. We lost so many great people, that are gone too early. We mourned for them all year long and even now going into the New Year. But, with these new tidings, we are also going to celebrate their lives. We are going to enjoy their memories and live on – for them.

In the world around us, politics took a turn “for the worse” ¬†and countries all over the globe suffered many tragedies. The same could be said about the societies we all live in. The world we live in today is much like that old roller coaster in Coney Island, Brooklyn – The Cyclone; old, creaky, and induces feelings of joy, fear, uncertainty, thrill, and everything in between.

If I had, to sum up, the past year in one word, that word would be: Rollercoaster – what with all the ups and downs in everyone’s lives, communities, and the world all around us. It’s like the beginning lyrics of one of my most favorite tracks of all time: Nas is like:

“Freedom or jail, clip’s inserted, a baby’s being born
Same time a man is murdered, the beginning and end”

I hope that everyone has been able to reflect on this year, taking all and any negatives and pushing hard for the positives. We all need to persevere and march on – strong, united, committed and full of heart. Remember those of the past and celebrate their lives.

I love you.

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