So this is going to be a post to describe my experience with the diet and routine: Do’s, Don’ts, Gains, Losses, etc.

Since the last time I lost weight during this routine, I lost no more and in fact I gained one more pound. 🙁 So there is  your loss/gain. But it’s always going to be an up/down type of thing. It’s a matter of getting set in a routine that will yield the desired results, i.e., consistent weight loss and muscle tone.

So what happened?

Well, life happened. I had a schedule and location change at work and then took up a personal lifestyle/hobby project that was an original dream for years and had this urge to make it fathom. This cut out the time needed to implement a full workout and routine meal consumption.  On top of that, I stopped logging our shared spread sheet with daily intake/#’s/routine workouts, etc. Sundays became harder to fall back into routine after a day full of eating whatever we wanted, drinking, etc. It’s very easy to get “bored” during this routine because of that very exact word: routine. Eating Beans for dinner religiously became boring, egg whites every morning, etc. Then there are those random times where friends you haven’t seen in forever want to hang out for dinner and drinks in the middle of the week…it’s hard to say No.

So what works for me?

Morning workouts, protein shake, breakfast at 9:15, egg whites and water. and oh yeah, water. Did I mention, water? These things definitely work for me for the hours of 6:30AM through 10:30AM. For lunch, I must say that I am addicted to one place –  The Pump. The food is straight up “good for you”. You can’t go wrong really because no matter what you eat, it’s quantity and contents is nothing but literally good fats, proteins, healthy everything. Coffee is literally gone from my diet and barely even mess with it on Saturday. I’m totally addicted to Tea with Vanilla extract. Oh and Water! Dinner is a little bit harder because I’m a very outgoing person and hate having  to be in a kitchen cooking something boring up. I’m sort’ve limited at home because my family is Vegetarian. There are still options, just that they require more time to prepare and I’m an “on the go” type of guy.

What am I going to do now?

Keep going, duh! Sure, I messed up a bit but this time I was able to more/less see where the mishaps were being made. I definitely lost weight and definitely toned up a bit. It sucked to be conscious about them and keep on, but it’s even harder to discipline yourself out of that. There are also little “wins” I could have had if I was more keen about it. For example, on my “cheat” day there are 2 things that needs to be taken care of before you take on a day of eating garbage.

  • 1. Consume 30g Protein within an hour of waking up
  • 2. Drink a glass of Grape Fruit Juice before your 1st crap meal.

Those 2 things do so much in terms of weight gain control and doubles up as healthy because of the major protein intake. The Grape Fruit Juice slows the insulin release (something related to sugar) and Protein is just healthy for you so that’s a no-brainer.

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