New New Year, ringing it in

Ringing The New New Year in. Better late than never! Right? new new year

I say New New year because every next year is the “new” year. There is just so much to say and reflect on regarding 2015 that I can honestly say that I’ll miss something one way or another. For me personally, it was both a good and slightly bad year. Good because we really got to take in SoCal, see friends and family back home on the East coast and at the same time: Plan and execute an awesome wedding. One word describes 2015 – FAST. That’s really where the “bad” comes in. Being that there was so much to do while balancing work and our personal lives, it became really challenging. Being on the road 70% of the time is extra hard when you live on the West coast and work basically on the East coast or Midwest. Add a milestone into the mix and you can bet there was some added stress.

There was a huge influx of social matters that made their way into all of our lives. The following video is a good summation of the previous year. It was surprising it only got 357,504 views:

What helped me get through the challenges was constant communication. Not only with my now, wife. But also with my friends back home. My family back home. Can’t thank them all enough. Another thing that helped me which I am aiming to work on more this year is – Reading. Yup. Reading. This helped me see things in different ways and tackle obstacles with new strengths. Subscribing to Tim Ferris’ emails is also helpful because he drops a chock full of knowledge in each email. I have learned and grown much more than before. I keep wanting to grow more and more, all the while expanding my knowledge and network. For example, I started using my Twitter more and didn’t realize what I was really “missing”. I’ve also made a good effort of polishing my LinkedIn profile to attract the work and career I truly desire.

I also got to meet more of my wife’s family and make new ties and memories with folks I’ve never known before in life. I’ve had the luxury of exploring Hawaii, California and the US alike. It has been a huge challenge but I feel this next year will open new doors to better opportunities and a better work-life balance.

Good luck to all my friends and family all over the world this year. Stay safe, have happy, healthy New new year!

P.s.  To all my car enthusiast family, there are some fun plans in the future but just hard to say when. Stay tuned!

gti vr6 new new year

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