Mega Post

So,  I’m calling this post that name because I intend for it to be just that – mega.

Anyway, it’s 2014 and from the last time I posted to now, a number of things have happened.

I left Wall Street and joined a a company that deals with Speech recognition software. Great people, great opportunity, etc. This place has enabled me to travel to parts of the US I’ve never seen. I feel a different sense  of responsibility and it’s a far different pace of work than I’d ever been involved with. I’ve met some exceptional individuals both on the job and off.

Dartmouth, NH

From atop the lookout by the Golden Gate Bridge

Cadillac Ranch

Moved out of my parents house and into a nice 1 bedroom in Maspeth, NY with this silly gal.

Stopped bothering with the fixer upper cars and bought me a newer, nicer ride.

2010 MK6 GTI

Finished (mostly) a long time project of mine. My beloved 98 GTI VR6. It was a long and trying journey, but I was very happy to get her on the road again.

Engine bay shot

1st time out in 2 years

We got engaged! Weird because I didn’t find myself wanting to do this anytime soon, but as I got to know this gal longer, it was inevitable.  🙂

On bended knee

and then, we moved to California!

Sunset at Pismo Beach

Rancho Palos Verdes

Where we live in Garden Grove, CA

Work in Progress home office!

All in all, it has been a PHENOMENAL past 3 years. I turned 31 years young this year. My 1st birthday out of my element. Leaving New York and my family and friends was definitely difficult. But, I am inspired by them and all of it. It’s what I learned there and how I lived there that got me here in the 1st place. An experience I could never trade for anything in the world. To which I am grateful for. 

NY to the heart





  1. Krishna

    Love this! Welcome back to the blog world babe. This is just a great recap post.
    xoxo can’t wait to continue on this journey boo and PANCAKES!

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