During the last week of April into the 1st week of May, I got the opportunity to travel to India for business.
This was a very different experience for me because whenever I travel, it’s with friends and/or family. But to my surprise, the company I work for authorized business class tickets aboard Emirates airlines. Flying business class was a whole different experience on its own and after going through it, you realize why it costs so damn much.
My 1st stop was in Germany, where I hung out at the business center for a bit and bought some souvenirs.

1st stop - Germany
seat controls

The food. My god, the food! I should’ve taken pics of the dinner I had, it was amazing. Prepared very well, proportionate but very filling, tasty, great.

I stayed at the Radisson Blu in Noida, India.
Lobby Entrance

It’s a completely different world here than I remember it back when I came on travel with the family in 2008. A lot has changed, and a lot has remained the same. Poverty still runs deep through the neighborhood outside this particular hotel and even traveling about India.

But at the same token, the part of India I was in is up and coming and developing.
interior and newer cars

On the off weekend between work, I got the chance to travel India a bit and got the chance to see the Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Got some shopping in too.
shirts and ties

Put the word out too


  1. Krishna Patel

    Your trip to India sounds wonderful. You don’t always hear about people having amazing experiences when traveling overseas, especially to third world countries. It’s awesome you had a great experience and not on your dime (well not entirely I’m sure).

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