Impulse buying. Why do we do it? What drives us? Who the hell knows?! But, we do it and some of us quite often. I’m guilty of this every passing year. It’s really hard to fight the impulse because most of the time you buy something you WANT rather than what you NEED.

Impulse buying is very closely related to hobbies, I believe. But, it then becomes a grey area because we enjoy and partake in our hobbies out of pure passion for that interest, a sense of belonging, a feeling of achievement, a present to ourselves and feeding our “need” for something “cool” or “rare” in our possession.

Classic, uber rare, german made wheel?


The other kind of impulse buying, I believe is for lonely people who have nothing better to do and seek some kind of comfort. This is the cause of the “bling-bling” effect where people are easily suckered into buying something, impulsively, online or through the phone by those very poorly designed ads on TV or the web.

Now, there is bright side to this: when you buy something on impulse, that is both rare and cool, if you lose interest in it yourself, it is disposable to cash. Meaning, you can flip it for double or triple of what you originally got it for. However, this idea in itself is pretty rare because most of the time people will impulse buy something at it’s regular inflated price because they wanted it so bad. So even if you do sell it later,  you lose. Sometimes significantly. Some impulse buys immediately lose value the moment you buy them such as cars, jewelry, electronics, clothing, etc. The accessories associated with these things are very closely related to many impulse buys and lose value equally.

I’m 100% guilty of being an offender of all those things at least once in my lifetime and even so recently. But, sometimes, that’s what it takes to learn and ween yourself out of brash decision making when it comes to using your money to purchase things you desire.


oh the irony.

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