I Workout..out..out..out

So the new year has brought me into a motivated new light to get fit again.

It’s hard to set routines but you gotta start somewhere!

Diet, I’ve got it down to pretty good choices with the occasional “cheat”. I’m trying to cut bread out the entire work week. (at least 4/5 days) Getting back into bananas, almonds, 2% milk, tofu and oatmeal. I can “cheat” on the weekend so long as I keep the week healthy and full of lean foods that are high in protein, fiber, potassium and all other nutrients necessary to building a lean body.

I’m also trying to consistently workout twice a day. Very light in the morning to moderately advanced in the evenings after work. I’m keeping the consistency at 4 times a week. My current girlfriend is into the whole reforming our bodies to become sexy again thing as well. It’s good because we keep each other in check a bit and help motivate one another.

I realize though, that I will need to take on more Cardio workouts if I want to get slimmer and leaner. I’m not a big jogger, but I do enjoy it on the treadmill. The closest treadmill is the gym and it is not walking distance. The time it takes for me to:

  • a) Drive there, park and get a tread mill
  • b) Take the train or bus to the gym and get a treadmill

is more or less, useless. I could save the time and money to workout a good cardio workout, at home.

Heck, I’m still paying Planet Fitness $20 a month in order to secure my treadmill access. :-/

So another form of cardio, that’s readily accessible to me and.. wait for it.. is free…is the stairs. At home, I have 2 flights I can take advantage of. I’m going to look into different staircase workouts.

But what else am I going to do? Well, I have a pair of 15lb dumbbells, a 25lb dumbbell, a 10lb medicine ball and a barbell with various sand weights. I also have 80lb resistance bands.

So with all the combinations and putting to use what I already have, it should make for good, consistent workouts with results. Combine with my good diet and it should fare an awesome transformation.

The key is, I have to stay dedicated. I have to stay motivated and try very hard not to skip a day, skip a meal or lose my routine. So what is helping me do that? Well, like many, I love music. So it’s important for me to have music while I workout. I’ve yet to set a playlist, but for now, I stick to Pandora and my iTunes on my iPhone. I have a need to dance like a lunatic during workouts. But this is what keeps me going! A schedule and workout plans are necessary because without them it’s “up in the air” on when I want to workout and how I want to workout. Monday through Thursday are the desired days to workout. Friday into the weekend is the desired recovery/rest time.

Lunch, this year, I’m going to try to keep it consistent with the same type of meal every working day of the week as long as it contains nothing but good fats, lean protein and the like. This place that used to be called “The Pump”, now called “Dig Inn”, is my first choice. The “small plate” at Dig Inn that contains everything you need on a daily basis is about $7 –  that’s pretty good eating for downtown Manhattan. Since weekdays I’d workout after work, I’d have another meal to repair and rebuild muscles, post workout. For that, I’d like to get back into Protein bars. I’d also alternate with 100% All Natural Whey Protein. Then I’d have dinner a couple of hours later. Before lunch and after breakfast, I want to consume something like almonds or a banana. This year I’m going to try and cut out bread from diet during the weekdays and only look for them on the weekends. The other factor I’m tying into this is finance. By eating breakfast at home, I’ll keep some of my expenses down and I can still eat nutritiously. My family is Vegetarian, so options are limited but not depleted.

Sexy and I know it


  1. Koala

    Working out is great, and music definitely helps! I recently updated my playlist and I’m just itching to get out of work and get on the treadmill.
    We should do Yoga, it’s awesome! 😉
    You’re going to be sexified after doing your stair workouts.
    “You’re sexy and I know it” :-p

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