Grateful, is what l am, for you!

This is a late post. But, I really wanted to respond to all my friends, followers and families to let them know that I am grateful. A simple comment or wishing me happy birthday means a lot. We are all busy. All the time. It’s hard to take out a few milliseconds of our time to tap on the phone to drop an arbitrary message on some stranger’s Facebook page. But, to the hundred+ that did – Thank you. I am grateful to you and grateful for your time.

Speaking of grateful, this year is going to bring on some new challenges for Krishna and I. We moved – Again. But, this time we just went up the coast. Specifically, we are in the Sacramento area, for now. We have family out here and have already started making some friends. I got the opportunity of checking out a local VW meet by the good folks over at SacWater. I’m excited for this journey because there are several unknowns and uncertainties, but we are ready. More ready than ever. At 33 years young, I still want to take on more of the world and try my hand at things I haven’t before.

NorCal is quite different from SoCal. Cuisine, lifestyle, the people, the neighborhoods, the topography – all of it. But, I welcome change. With strong roots in NYC, I’m ready for all terrain. Many of you know that my profession involves travelling. Typically, a lot of it. This year, I plan on embracing more of my passion. That is, with the automotive industry. We’ll see where the tide takes us. I look forward to meeting more of you and making memories with the newest of you. To all my old friends, even recent, I still got love for you.


Sister in law lending a hand

Packing light?

Packing light

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racecar and daily

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