By this weekend I will be putting a screeching halt to the occasional gluttonous eating and outreaches to comfort food. Where I work, and the things happening in my life in the past year alone have certainly increased the stress level 2 fold. I used to smoke, a lot, and that was my escape then. Ever since I stopped, eating yummy food was the new “high”. So this included a lot of sweet stuff (major sweet tooth over here) as well as anything with Cheese (weird, I know, but I love cheese.)

In the past year, I suffered a couple of injuries due to my own negligence and acting before I thought. It put a damper on my workout routine and also let my diet go to the way side. I’ve been a member of planet fitness for like a year and haven’t gone in over 7 months. 🙁


I’m taking charge starting next week with the help of this lovely woman in my life and her advice on Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body diet plan. It is a “slow-carb diet” which will allow you to lose approx. 20lbs in 30 days. For me, in conjunction with returning back to my workout, should prove great results as long as I stick to my plan and don’t thwart for any reason. We’ve created a Google Doc shared privately between me and her that will outline “Foods/Drinks to Avoid” vs. “Foods to Eat/Drink”. It’s broken down into 6 weeks.

Back in highschool, I weighed a whopping 221lbs. I got in shape by pure dedication to “eating right” and “workouts” that I brought myself down to 179lbs. Today, at age 28, I weigh nearly 193lbs. Based on my Height to Weight ratio, I should be weighing in at 150lbs. I am 5’10” tall.  My Goal is to weigh 175 lbs, be cut and have a lean body with a broad build.

The other factor I need to consider here is the type of workout I’ll combine with this diet. In my opinion, which I’m sure many share, is that no diet is fully effective without the proper workout routine. I’m bad with routines and this is my opportunity to fix that. I try to stick to the following routines, at least 5 days a week:

  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 20 push ups
  • 15lb dumb bell curls x10(x3) (3 different types of lifts, 3 times, resulting in 30 reps per arm)

That is certainly not enough to get to the goal I desire and so I need to incorporate some form of Cardio workout. Running, jogging are really the best and I will need to include it somewhere in the week at least 3x. According to Tim, resistance workouts are also something to consider. I’m going try using “Resistance bands”.

The above mini workout plan occurs in the morning of a work day before I leave to work. I imagine, if i dedicate some time when I return from work to run/jog and/or alternate with a resistance workout, it could be beneficial. Combine with the “slow-carb diet” and results should prove well worth the effort. If all goes to plan, I want to be able to have a steady routine in diet and workout and cancel my Gym membership.

Wish me luck!


  1. iluvuqt87

    This is an awesome plan. I think with a proper agenda for Saturday and a list of all things needed you can begin this lifestyle change without a hitch. Good luck!


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