Give Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving today. Our first in California. A first time cooking my own bird. A first time having this occasion without family or friends. For the last 3 years, I’ve frequented my best friend Dario’s place. We missed him and his wife and the glorious food. But, we were able to make a great spread and my bird turned out pretty awesome. I realize I don’t have a category for food on my blog and that is just really silly! Considering the amount of food I eat and/or cook haha. We love food, what can I say? I love to enjoy different types of food and I’m certainly not afraid to get my hands dirty when it comes to preparing a meal for 1, 2 or many. I found all of my recipes on Buzzfeed or Pinterest. I tweaked each one of them just a little bit and the results were finger lickin good!

That all being said, I want say that I am thankful for Family, Friends, Food, Fun, Experiences, Knowledge and Cars.


Cranberry sauce



Cornbread muffins


Cauliflower mash

Creamed spinach

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