Favorite toy(s)

“My favorite toy growing up was my die cast G1 Optimus prime. A second favorite was my Hotwheels Ferrari 456 die cast model.”


G1 Optimus Prime

It’s not even a mere 6 months since I moved to Cali and I can tell you that my car looks, feels and simply is happier than she ever was.

Having the great opportunity to drive on some of the most amazing roads, hangs with some cool people and other random freedoms, she’s finally coming together to another point in her long history that makes me happy.

Service mode

Show time

Work in progress

Y’all who know me know I pretty much rock the shit outta this car and always try to keep things interesting. Especially when it comes to my wheels. I’m a fanatic, with an OCD type of condition when it comes to what shoes this girl likes to sport. I’ve met many a folk who can appreciate my fetish.

Future plans

I’ve owned this car since 2001. What does Optimus Prime and a cheap hotwheels toy have to do with this? My GTI is a modern day combination of my 2 favorite toys. (Although, I’m much more of a Porsche guy now, ha ha)

I’ve built this car for me and my vision with it – through patience, trial and error, do’s and don’t’s and learning. I sought knowledge from like minded enthusiasts. However, this car would be nowhere near what it is without the help of my very awesome friends  Thank you!

Can’t wait to get moving on to the next phase. It’s a never ending transformation and the road isn’t always well paved, but the ride is always worth it!




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