Driving machine, ultimate.

When you think of a BMW, you often think of the sporty, sleek and amazing ride that one offers. Well, I got the chance to drive my brother in law’s super clean 2015 BMW 335i and I was blown away. One word came to mind: RESPONSIVE. I was afraid that the newer cars with paddle or sport shift assist would take away from a certain “feel” to a motorsport tuned car and I was wrong. When you engage “sport” mode and hit the pedal, this thing takes off! It’s got a subtle grunt and the power is instant. I didn’t want to stop until he said “Ok, you’re at 100mph now…”.

The color of this car is superb. It’s a charcoal metallic type of grey. The factory named it “mineral grey metallic”┬ábut nonetheless it gives the car a very “stealth” look with the notion that this car means business.

The interior of this car is simply sexy. Red leather seats with accent trims on the doors. The dash and door trims are also decked in a brush aluminum finish.

Rest of the pics, here.

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