So, I think of a few things when I think of this word.

Crown Royal

Game of Thrones

and Crowne Plaza.

Probably one of the best hotels I have stayed in to date. Second time here for a business visit. Great decor, great rooms, great service, great food. All around awesome.

This one is located in Wauwatosa, WI. Quaint town with not much going on but this is a nice little place to call home away from home (while on the road for work).

It’s actually pretty important to be in a good hotel because it effects literally EVERYTHING. I even took their survey the other day and there are at least 3 questions about sleep. A crappy bed, bad service, lame decor, smells and sounds can all affect how well one sleeps in their hotel room. This place was pretty peaceful and equipped with everything I needed to get through the week day in and day out.

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