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I’ve always loved photography. It’s such a vast world with so many different styles and ways  to capture all the different things in life which we see, experience, and love.

I want to gt back into it a little more. I’ve been practicing with some random settings on my basic Canon Rebel T3i . I want to master the basics before moving on to better lenses and such.

Macro shot of my phone

Macro shot of the lens cover

Storm Trooper lego and rolling dice close up 

Macro close up of my mouse

There are just so many different settings and I really need to play around with all of them more. My Flickr contains all of my recent captures.

I really like shooting when the lighting and the weather is just right. Something about capturing the right moment at the right time!

#pismopier #pismobeach Sunset in Pismo beach, CA

Some fun, with the sun.

I wanted to capture several elements in one shot.

Don’t feed the birds! 

Golf club in Ranchos Palos Verdes

Surreal serenity

Ocean calm

Sky high

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