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One of my hobbies that I’m truly passionate about are my cars. The VW/Audi/BMW lifestyle. Racing, modifying, “trickin out”, slamming, driving the piss outta, etc.

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For the last 4 years I have owned 3 Volkswagens and 1 Honda. Each one of them have been a great experience with quite the learning curve. Volkswagen have something special to them that you can’t explain and won’t know until you own one yourself.

The styling is addictive, sharp, creative and just all around awesome when executed well and proper. I emphasize this because a lot of the “noobs” in this scene  think it is just as easy and slamming their cars on cheap (and i mean dirt cheap) coilovers and force ill fitting wheels against their rusted, 1/2 broken hubs and calling it proper.

Being around other enthusiasts, reading, following, understanding and applying have brought me real close to the community and all the great and knowledgeable people in it. What people don’t seem to understand is

“no matter what you do, there is someone out there who will always have something better, faster and more awesome than yours.”

Having said that, this will be a short blog about my next step in becoming better, faster and more awesome than the last guy………… sike! I’m just doing it for me because I can. I’m doing it for my fans, for the several people who give me props for what I’ve done so far. I’m doing it for the love of cars. I’m a goal oriented individual who will not take No for answer. I had a vision and dream with my 1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6 from when I first owned it and I won’t stop until I make it a reality.

H20 International is one of the biggest, best shows on the East coast were Car enthusiasts, mainly consisting of VW, Audi & BMW unite and literally take over the small strip in Ocean City, MD. The show takes places Sept. 25-26th. My goal is to pull my motor, rebuild with some serious balls, shave the bay clean and remove elements like the Battery, Coolant bubble and extra wiring out of view. So when I pop the hood at H20, it can be a sight of beauty, and a reflection of hard work, dedication and pure love of car enthusiasm.

It’s an extremely tight timeline and at times I’ve been guilty of over confidence. Heck, a couple of people I’ve mentioned the plans to are straight up telling me “you ain’t gonna make it..” But over the years, I’ve learned to be more realistic about my goals and feel that if I have the right plan, resources and tools in place, there’s nothing I CAN’T do.

Wish me luck 🙂


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