Malibu, CA

This was a beautiful place. My best friend and his wife flew across the nation to be with us on this special weekend. Neither of us have ever been here and found this was the most opportune time. We’re really glad we did. Besides the obvious super dope beach hangs, just the air of it all was fun and live. Everything from catching a random cruise of some oldschool aircooled’s to Adult size Jenga and Chess with amazing food and drink. See more here.



Ultimate Car & Track

WOW! That was my impression upon watching this video. I’ve heard of the M4 and now I’ve actually seen it through a rather amazing  video.  Every guy has dreamed about spanking an M3 through some amazing track at least once.  Bigger props to the guys who actually have done this. Having said that, let me share an article that serves as the sponge to this cake full of awesome icing. Read it here.

Collings Foundation

Best Wedding Venue EVER

What is this? A guy talking about a wedding venue? Is this for real?

Yes, it is. Especially, when you have the opportunity to be part of something as awesome as this.  First off, this guy flew in on a Yellow propeller plane! The Wedding Ceremonies were held at Collings Foundation in Stow, MA. 

For a automotive enthusiast, this is like heaven. Everything from Midget racer cars to F1 beauties and Porsche track cars. Not to mention, the numerous old planes and Army Tanks.

I’ll let some of the pics do the talking. Rest of the album found here.

It was also not a coincidence that I stumbled upon a private aircooled VW dealer behind the hotel we were staying at. May need to make a second trip there someday. :)